Naming Ceremonies

You’ve added to your family – congratulations!

A naming ceremony offers parents the perfect opportunity to celebrate a new arrival! It can be as formal or as informal, as spiritual or secular as you choose. For some parents, a naming ceremony presents a wonderful occasion on which to introduce a new baby or child to their family and friends. It heralds the birth not only of a new baby, but also of a new family. You can include readings, songs, poems or prose which symbolise what matters most to you as you set out on your journey. If formality is important to you, incorporate it into the occasion. A guardian or ‘Guide Parent’ can be appointed. Likewise, if you wish to use the celebration to bestow a name to your child, that can be included in the ceremony along with the wonderful story of how or why the name was chosen.

In short, a naming ceremony is a beautiful way to come together with as few or as many guests as you wish to celebrate a wonderful new beginning for you and for the newest member of your family.